What does your business branding say about you?

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This months blog was written by Design Garage.

How do we stand out when there are so many businesses fighting for the same customers?

Sometimes, it’s not about what you offer, or how you offer it, but how your business is perceived.  If a person decides they need the skills of a builder, a hairdresser or somewhere to buy a new dress for a wedding, often all they have to go by when choosing your business over the rest is the brand you have and what it says about you.

The choice between you and a similar business may simply be where you rank in a Google search, how up to date your website is, or how fresh your logo looks.  Marketing your business is about being seen by customers and the impression you give, when they do see you.  Is your brand memorable, does it resonate with people?

Businesses owners are usually busy with the day to day tasks associated with running a business.  Branding can often be overlooked, even though this could be the very thing driving customers to you.

Some things to consider…

  1. Who are my target market?
  2. How am I going to reach these potential clients?
  3. When I do reach them, what are the values I want them to associate with my business?
  4. Do my business values aligned with my target market?
  5. How can I portray my businesses values, so customers are more likely to choose me over my competitor?

Your logo, business card, website, and promotional material gives clients a first impression. When done correctly, these tools can portray the core values your business encompasses, whilst driving your target market to you.

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