The Delta Variant and Lockdown

We asked three of our members how they got on during lockdown and what they were looking forward to for level 2.

Karen Clarke, Rachel Church and Charlotte Ward each had different experiences and strategies for lockdown and level 2. They reflect the thoughts that many of us had as we went through another lockdown with the uncertainty of this latest episode of Covid in New Zealand.

Q1: What has been one highlight of the latest lockdown?

(Karen) Concern about vaccine safety has really enabled a deeper level of conversation with some of my friends and family.  Talking more to exploring fears, choices, risk, and the tough stuff about making decisions for children has been really important and wonderful although tricky at times.

(Rachel) It’s a tricky question, as lockdown brings up a lot for me with the loss of business, missing my family in the US and acknowledging the loss of life of people we know due to Covid…but this time was less scary due to the vaccine.  I am normally a happy and positive person that really tries to work hard, and take control over my life, but lockdown is out of my control.

A lovely highlight was actually celebrating my birthday.  My partner and my friends made it very special, heartfelt and just a sweet day with messages, cake, and champagne!  And it was level 3 so I could get takeout.

(Charlotte) Honestly, going back to the supermarket. I love working there. I find the lack of control we have with COVID really hard to deal with and being able to still go to work and help out a team that are under so much pressure gives me a sense of worth. I got my social fix going to work every day and got to be of some use, win win. At home we joined the masses and cooked, this year we did Dinner Wars. Still can’t believe that I didn’t win with my White Chocolate Cheesecake, but with a teen who has ARFID it was really cool to watch him work through that and do his best to cook and then indeed eat different foods

Q2: What are you looking forward to doing the most once we are out of Level 2?

(Karen) Scheduling! Lockdown really interrupts our ability to plan. For me it things like client meetings, gigs, social events with mates, motor home get always.  Consequently, the ability to anticipate (pre-enjoy?) and look be energised but upcoming events is diminished.  I find I have to work quite intentionally to get above a sense of life blandness to keep a bright sense of a flexible future and make sure my mindset doesn’t go into lockdown!

 (Rachel) Planning a trip home to New York.  Each step we take to get and stay at level 1, brings me closer to being able to go home and see family and friends.  My heart is with anyone separated from their loved ones due to Covid.

(Charlotte) Planning and allowing myself to get excited for WOMAD again! Oh and looking forward to not having to wipe every wipeable surface in Silk. It is already as clean as a surgical theatre yet in the world of level 2 we need to do more. I know my team will be grateful for not having to sanitise the walls 10 times a day!

Q3: What have you done differently to get through”?

(Karen) The biggest thing is being much more intentional about wellbeing – mine and others.   In terms of my coaching clients it’s been a balance of allowing a bit more time for wellbeing checks e.g. asking specifically about things like mood, motivation, mindset and hopefulness.   In terms of my own wellbeing, it’s been allowing a bit more flexibility to just do things when I want to and not to push too hard.

(Rachel) I have really focused on the little health things I can do to take care of my mental health.  Exercising is major for me, as well as just being kind to myself.  It’s Ok to have a good cry and to watch copious amounts of “Housewives of Any City”.  Some days, I just wanted to go to bed and not deal.  That’s OK as tomorrow is truly another day.

(Charlotte) At Silk we had a lot better processes in place this time around. Everybody had their jobs to do, and did them so very well that I was not under the same pressure like last year. Last year we worked hard making sure we were working hard and it was exhausting. This year the team had no time pressures, just get this or that done when they could, keep in touch and it worked well. Smokey Lemon got our online shop up and running a month earlier than planned so clients were able to purchase products online which has been super cool. And I didn’t try and be the superhuman teacher to my kids. Instead of trying to be their teacher I just made sure they knew what they needed to do and if they didn’t, I helped them contact their teachers to get the answers. Last year I found it so unbelievably stressful trying to ensure my kids were not getting left behind, I learnt a lot from what I did wrong last year let me tell you! Some days my kids studied all day and other days nothing, and guess what, they are doing just fine.