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September Featured Bee…Helen Flitcroft, Cook Learn Love


Helen Flitcroft, owner – Cook Learn Love


Question 1. Tell us why you joined the network

I have been a member of this group since it’s inception. I arrived in Taranaki from Brisbane just over three years ago, following work for my husband in the oil and gas industry and not having any friends or family in New Zealand.

I love women’s networking groups and figured joining one here would be a good way to meet new friends while my thoughts percolated. I wasn’t sure that I’d be accepted in because at the time I was not running a business, was newly pregnant with my second child and really didn’t know what direction my life was going to take. In hindsight it’s no surprise that I was wholeheartedly welcomed and encouraged to attended the very first luncheon held at Arborio…which I did!

Thank-you, ladies, it’s been an honour to have witnessed the development of this amazing and supportive group.

Question 2. Your best piece of business advice

My best piece of business advice would be to get very clear on your WHY. This is what will inspire you to push through the setbacks and get back on your feet time and time again. It will be your constant companion in what can often be a lonely world of entrepreneurship.

Question 3. How do you stay balanced between work & home life / how do you stay motivated

I have two young children, a large garden and a one track mind and I have to admit with this combination I don’t often feel I am doing a very good job of achieving work-life balance. I think I am slowly beginning to understand what balance actually looks like for me and to work with my natural rhythms of work and rest.

About Cook Learn Love

Think of Cook Learn Love as your friendly portal to food related projects in Taranaki. We primarily provide cooking classes and demonstrations for adults and children but are currently moving into product development, food styling and catering. We also sell the achingly beautiful Kai Shun range of professional knives.

The values we hold most dear are Excellence, Creativity and the Wonder of Nature which are translating into some very exciting projects currently in the works. Wish me luck on bringing these into reality, I thrive on moral support!

See you at the next lunch.



Cook Learn Love

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