Zay Griffith

Zay Griffith

Real Estate

Harcourts is the Market Leader in New Zealand Real Estate with core values that reflect the people who represent them.

People First
Doing the Right Thing
Being Courageous
Fun and Laughter

After more than 16 years in the Real Estate Industry, Zay has developed a reputation of being a very accomplished and successful Real Estate consultant in the New Plymouth marketplace. She recently surpassed $100 million dollars in Real Estate Sales.

As a business person, she realises that results are the key. Her clients find her professionalism and her willingness to serve to be her strongest characteristics. As a result she is often referred by former clients as a person whose personal service qualities stand out above the rest.

Real estate transactions are major decisions that must be handled with care and as a consultant, Zay knows that the process of selling a property needs to be done smoothly and efficiently with a minimum of stress to her clients. Zay is someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. Her energy and business accuracy create a sense of confidence. Along with all of that, when you read Zay’s client testimonials you will note a key ingredient is her vibrant and fun personality. One call to her will prove it.