Simone Betsy-Hay

Simone Betsy-Hay

Taranaki's 1st and only plant based & vegan catering company.


I’m Simone and I run Taranaki’s first and only plant based catering company and cookery school. I’m passionate about using quality ingredients to create beautiful food; connecting with people; supporting local growers and producers and inspiring you to try plant based foods!

I'm from Northampton, UK and have been in NZ for 10 years. I live in Inglewood with my husband, our 3 children and our cat & puppy. We began our plant based lifestyle 18 months ago to treat my auto immune condition and so far it's working! We love the variety of vibrant and flavourful food we have access to, under our beautiful mountain here in Taranaki.

I have always enjoyed cooking, but I especially love experimenting and creating exciting & nourishing dishes. I have a background in Social Work so my skill set includes empowerment and facilitating change. I can think of no better way to serve my community, than by combining my skills and passion to provide delicious, healthy food and inspiring change!

I am a chef, teacher, influencer and speaker. Food is a necessity, food is nourishing and food brings people together. Simone's Plant Based Kitchen brings a healthy, fun and inspiring perspective to your function, event and workplace.



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