Rosalina Pang

Rosalina Pang

Digital Marketing Trainer and Online Marketing Services

Rosalina Pang is the founder of Revive Me Marketing, a digital marketing training company, Revive Me Women in Business mentoring group and
5th Element Dance. Her passion is to champions women and entrepreneurs in business to live their purpose and dreams.

"I founded Revive Me Marketing in 2009 and passionate to work with entrepreneurs develop and enhance your business online.
Revive Me Marketing provides training and digital marketing services and our mission is to:"

Accelerate your business and personal success online

I work with a remote team of 7 and we specialise in building or refreshing your brand and sales attraction by building a digital marketing plan and sales funnel. Starting with a client needs assessment, my team and I can build a digital marketing funnel that is right for your business.
This includes a website review and update, content marketing strategy, social media and video marketing plan.

If you want to invest your time and efforts wisely,  I have a 'Get Digital Marketing' accelerator program that offers training and workshop for you to:
*  Outline your growth objectives, that won't consume more of your time
*  Identify new opportunities you may not be aware of
*  Take action on them, in the most leverage ways that save you time

Through Digital Marketing,  my vision to work with you to reach your financial and time freedom goals.

Potential Co- funding and Investment

As an approved training provider with NZTE regional business partner training capability program, New Zealand based companies that are GST registered can potentially access 50% funding to my Get Digital Marketing program, Appraising New Marketings, Brand Development and others.

If we do have aligned values and scalability in your business and brand, we could potentially become a marketing investor in your business
with a shared commission of sales and equity.

Your opportunity

If you are seeking growth in your business, visit my website for a
free online readiness assessment, and book a free 30min strategy call.

Read more about my business journey here.

I look forward to meeting you in person or online at one of The Network Inc' events

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