Robyn Towning

Robyn Towning

Virtual Marketing Manager at Social Energy.

Marketing Strategy | Content Marketing | Social Media | Power Hours $199

I help business owners show up in their marketing, without them having to do all the work.
Business owners often start with their business being more about them, but the business grows and they tend to step away from the marketing. They have perhaps invested in outsourcing some of the marketing or delegated it to somebody else in the team, and wondering why they are not seeing the growth anymore. That loss of a personal connection with your marketing, your customers and the essence of why the business was founded, is now probably costing you money. I'll help you put the spark back into your marketing with some such social energy.
Three Ways You Can Work With Me:

Are you unsure if your social media channels are set up correctly? Would you like a professional eye cast over what you have done so far? A social media audit will give you just that (from $149)

💡 1-2-1 POWER HOUR
60 minutes of dedicated 1:1 time, to power up your knowledge of any area of online marketing you’re struggling with, so you can use it more effectively for your business. Through a Zoom video call, we can share screens and I will provide bespoke advice on your specific business. We can cover a LOT in 60 mins! ($199)

Would you prefer to have a ‘go-to’ professional for marketing strategy, advice, and delivery without the permanent employee price tag? My done for you marketing services are perfect if you do not have an in-house team ($349 - $1649/month)

I love putting business owners back IN their marketing, without them having to do all the's weird how addicted I am to automation, too.

Still not sure which option is best for you? Book a quick discovery call, and let’s see if we can spark some ideas

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