Liz Fry

Liz Fry

Hi I'm Liz, and I used to be an alcoholic. True fact.

Once I realised what I was trying to escape from (life), and made some quite hefty changes, The Universe truly responded as it does, and I am now in a place of loving my life and through my coaching and healing work, helping others fall in love with their life and themselves again.

When we connect back to our soul, and come from a truly authentic place we can find that it makes a difference to so many areas of our life.  It can affect relationships, family dynamcis, our finances, our business, our eating habits and a lot more.

As mentioned my journey has been through alcohol, as well as depression, anxiety, codependency, domestic abuse and more.  I share my story openly as I am now in a place to see how these experiences have served me, enable me to do what I do, and hold space for those going through anything similar.

In September 2017 I decided that I wanted more out of life, gave up my rented accommodation just North of Auckland, gave most of my stuff away, and got on the road (over a period of a few weeks!)  I had the most beautiful time winging life and making it up as I went along.  Around May 2018, I thought I would find a base for Winter and give something back.  This resulted in volunteering with my coaching at The Taranaki Retreat, on the understanding it was for three months.  Come Christmas we thought we had better have another conversation, as I didn't want to stop!

So now I am proud to work closely alongside, contracting to them, and working with the guests during their stay and potentially afterwards as well.

I am a people person, been described as a connector and a conduit, and have a real passion for getting people together offline and reconnecting communities.