Lian Brownson

Lian Brownson

Designer of Interiors and Hand Styled Garments.


I am Lian Brownson and I am a designer of Drapes, Blinds, Interiors and Individual Clothing.

My previous employment was at Operatic Costume Hire, Homemaker and Home Interior Store, I now work from home and have been for the last 7 years.

In this time I have built up my Interior Design Business and love helping people to design, blend and create their own special haven called home.

My passion is helping people with their home projects, whether it is decluttering a room or house, specifying for a renovation or new build to FREE measure and quoting for drapes and blinds.

I love Decluttering and helping people live in a functual, organised and balanced life with all their favorite possessions. I teach people how to arrange their possessions to complement the home and there lifestyle by working out what to keep and what to buy, saving time and money.

I also design and sew and have a clothing label called 'This with That' because I love clothes and putting things together.

My passion for decluttering and recycling extends to my clothes as well with range of upcycled clothing because there is so much waste in apparel.


Lian Brownson Interiors