Janice Weston

Janice Weston

Proofreading at Eyespy Proofreading and Editing

I have spent nearly 25 years working for a large corporation and it was always a source of frustration when company letters were sent out with glaring spelling or punctuation errors.

The front page of our local newspaper one day had a spelling mistake in the headline and it irked me so much that I decided to enrol at New Zealand Institute of Business Studies to complete a Diploma of Proofreading and Editing. This was completed in May 2017 and I have now left the corporate world behind to focus on my new field of expertise.

My passion is to help anyone who needs to present their written work professionally ensuring it is error-free and in the best possible format, while making sense. My goal is to help clients improve their communications materials, pick up on typos and inconsistencies in grammar, punctuation, and style in a variety of documents. I’ll be as creative or as straightforward as your business wants me to be.

Confidentiality is assured and no information will ever be disclosed to a third party without your consent.


Proofreading is the correction of spelling mistakes to ensure no errors detract from the finished work, and that the work looks polished and professional.

Proofreading checks:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spacing
  • Page numbers
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