Hayley Benseman

Hayley Benseman

Cosmetic Formulator and Owner of Hayley Benseman natural skincare

Hi my name is Hayley!

I formulate beautiful natural skin care from home that gets sent all over New Zealand. I am passionate about natural skincare and helping people get their hands on affordable beauty OR give them the recipes and skills to utilize the ingredients readily available around them for simple home care.

My business was born of a need to have beautiful things for my self and my allergy babies. I was a young mum of two at the time and we lived in hard financial times (putting it nicely) for more info see my story . Coming from a childhood of natural living with a very natural forward thinking mum I had the knowledge of what was acceptable to eat and to put on my skin. As there was a lack of funds on my part - and a driving need to have luscious skin care to feel good and de stress - I used my DIY back bone and pushed forward to make my own.

Now many years later I am taking my hobby / dreams of a successful business and making that a reality.

I really look forward to working with anyone who I can help and who will inspire me in my journey going forward.

Much love

Hayley xx