Chryseis Vivienne Phillips

Chryseis Vivienne Phillips

Photographer - Specialising in Kindy Kids, Family & Lifestyle Portraiture, and Weddings & Special Events

Kia Ora!

My name is Chryseis Vivienne Phillips, owner and photographer at Viv Phillips Photography.

I have been doing photography since about 2006, but changing cities (quite frequently, I may add), has made establishing myself as one a bit of a challenge. I spent my first six years in Hamilton, then lived the next six in Wellington prior to moving to New Plymouth in 2018. Hubs and I adore New Plymouth and would love to make this lovely coastal city our permanent home.
My life-long love affair with photography made me realise that,
  • great images are those that capture the heart and essence of the subject;
  • photographs are meant to be displayed, and
  • everyone deserves to have good photographs

I am currently working part-time at two local kindergartens and have had the fabulous privilege of taking the individual and class photos of some of Taranaki’s amazing tamariki. Although my latest projects revolve around kindy kids photos, I also do family portraits and small weddings. I would  actually love to do more of those.

Apart from photography, I am also keen on growing African violets, I cross-stitch, I dabble in a bit of art, and I am also working towards getting a real estate salesperson's license (which I will hopefully earn by the end of this year).

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