Christel Janse van Rensburg

Christel Janse van Rensburg

Real estate sales consultant - Bayleys.

Christel is a real estate sales agent with Bayleys. She has a natural propensity for customer service and intuitively knows what type of property her client is looking for, even if they haven’t eloquently described it.  Her ability to observe what the client’s needs are and listening to their wants has made her an instant success and a client favourite.

She was born into an entrepreneurial family, so customer service and people skills are in her DNA. Previous working experience saw Christel progress to a senior role in the mining industry as a geologist prior to a total change of industry where she became a real estate sales agent in South Africa and finally found her calling.

Christel is no stranger to moving, renovating, upsizing or downsizing and understands that it is a delicate balance financially and emotionally and having a buyer and a seller on the same page requires understanding, compassion and negotiation skills.

She feels strongly about community support, and volunteering which was one of the attractions in joining the Bayleys brand with their strong community support beliefs and giving attitude.

During the netball season, she is actively involved as a match referee as well as coaching our future netball stars.  Christel is well balanced and if not working and networking she is your typical busy mum sorting out household duties, afternoon sport activities and spending quality time with her family.

On her horizon is a list of things to achieve like learning to speak Te Reo as she always wanted to learn a third language.  Finally participating in a 10K run and learning to paddle board without falling off every few seconds are some near term goals planned for the summer!! She is excited about her Real Estate journey in New Zealand with Bayleys and looks forward to meeting new people as she further establishes herself in this wonderful region.