Cara Gelston

Cara Gelston

Family & Employment Law Expert, Co-Director & Business Owner at Legal Solutions.

Cara Gelston is a Director at Legal Solutions. She describes herself as a problem solver extraordinaire, who is in the business of helping people who are experiencing family or employment law disputes.

Cara is very proud to be one of the owners of Taranaki’s only female owned and operated law firm. Legal Solutions prides itself on its modern approach and putting people first.

Cara is originally from Taranaki but left and lived overseas many years in England before returning to the wondrous Naki. She is more than happy to call Taranaki home and juggles a busy work schedule with voluntary work, husband Tim and 2 very active boys.

At Legal Solutions we believe people come first. That’s why we’ve built a team of people who are passionate about helping you to get the right legal advice and the best solutions. We are upfront about the fees so that there are no surprises. Legal Solutions is an innovative, modern law firm. We aim to put people first - whether it's staff or clients. We aim to offer amazing customer service. We aim to solve problems efficiently and cost effectively. We have 2 Directors (Cara Gelston and Karen Venables) and currently 6 other staff in a range of roles both legal and support. We are the only all female law firm in New Plymouth! We offer a range of services focussing around personal and business. We understand that the world is changing faster than it ever has and we are doing our best to keep up. So if you’re looking for effective legal solutions from people who’ll put you first - then call us today on (06) 758 7101 or request an appointment.

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