Ally McCullagh

Ally McCullagh

Specialising in Business Coaching and Leadership Training

My name is Ally McCullagh. I am from the UK originally but have been in New Zealand for 15 years. I have two kids- my pride and joy – well most of the time! Who keep me grounded and make sure I keep things in perspective. I am addicted to running- don’t ask me why! and I am an avid salsa dancer, when I get the chance. I feel privileged that I love my work and I get the opportunity to meet and work with such a diverse range of people.

I have a Graduate Diploma in Personal Financial Planning from Massey University, And a BSc in History and Politics, University of Bradford, UK.

As your coach I will:

  • Be 100% committed to your success
  • Help you to find and then reach your goals
  • Be Available in between sessions for free email communication
  • Support you, and ensure the sessions are positive and motivating
  • Guarantee the sessions will be completely confidential
  • Listen, acknowledge and at times challenge your thinking
  • Hold you accountable for what you commit to
  • Offer you an alternative way of seeing things
  • Believe in you
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