Tips from our members during lockdown

COVID19 Tips

As we head in to the last week of lockdown we wanted to share some great personal and business tips from our members.


Plan your week

My top tip would have to be on a Sunday do your plan for the week! For me its including all zoom meetings, actions I want to achieve each day, potential activities to do with the kids, my husbands shifts (essential services), fitness/active (with and without the kids).

Melissa Devine-Collins – Devine Lifestyle & Event Management

p knits

Audit you and your bubbles health

My tip during this time of isolation is to take the time to sit with your bubble, family or yourself and do an audit of yours and your bubbles health.Assess that are you truly aligned with great health outcomes, practicing well-being and mindfulness, nutrition for prevention and fuel, sleep for restoration and movement for strong resilient bodies.

Doing an audit of your health can give you a focus and direction to set goals for your bubble to get through isolation and come out better, stronger resilient and healthy. We can learn to adopt the growth mindset to adapt and thrive in this time.

Paula Holdt – Health Coach

Belinda Brown

Give your home some love

I think this is a great opportunity to give your home some love. It protects you from the elements without complaint. It is always there for you to host friends and family ‘at the drop of a hat.’ Yet when we have spare money, we use it to leave home and go on holiday! You’re at home staring at your precious investment. Now is the perfect opportunity to plan what you would like to change. Read our blog and follow the links to resources that can help you do that for your home.

Belinda – Belhams Interiors

Get help from online support communities

I highly recommend this online support community with heaps of tips and support for FREE:  A safe space to connect and support each other with self-care resources for our emotional wellbeing.

Michelle Yandle – Nutrition coaching for empowered eating

Casie Smith

Set up online tools
Your customers are still going to need your skills, services, advice and products, and if they can’t come to you, why not find a way to bring it to them? Could you be inventive and host events, workshops, meetings, “social” gatherings virtually? Are there other local businesses you could team up with to create a cool new offer? Meetings, client interactions, workshops, sales and more can all be done online. It is also possible to set up subscription-based portals to continue to provide services to your customers virtually and set up payment facilities.

Casie – Design Garage


Focus on the positives

Focus on the positives of what you can do and find your balance of interests, passion, field of skills you want to learn about. It could be self care, personal confidence, family, community connection, business development. This disruption has definitely spurred some of us you to act in creative ways to stay engaged with our community. Take the time to learn something you always wanted (self or profession) and we can come out of this with a greater truth.

Rosalina Pang


Make cashflow a priority

Continue to follow up your debtors as you would normally if they are likely to become overdue or are overdue. Also if you can’t pay your creditors on time then make contact with them and give them a timeframe as to when you can or make an arrangement to do a part-payment. It’s important that the cashflow money-go-round keeps going around as much as possible or that at least everyone knows when they will be paid so every business can make appropriate plans.

Felicity Wilson – Business Systems Sorted

Sandra Antill

Sort your photos

Put a short time aside to download those 1000s of photos off your phone and onto your hard drive, as well as ensuring they are in the Cloud. It is very easy to accidentally delete months worth of photos. While you are there, delete any that are seriously not historically vital or have sentimental value.

Sandra Antill – Photographer