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How to add Company Profile


Click the link below to download the pdf with instructions of how to create your company profile after you have registered.

Download instruction


Need help setting up your profile? We offer 2 services.

Option 1 – Images created to the right size:

For $20 we will create the images to the right size and upload them for you.
If you would like this service please send your logo and a photo to be resized to contact@designgarage.co.nz

Option 2 – All content added to your profile, including images:

For $50 we will add all your content to your profile including creating your images to the correct size.
If you would like this service please send the following to contact@designgarage.co.nz

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • About your company
  • About yourself
  • Contact Details
  • Logo
  • Photo for main image

Design Garage will send an invoice through after the work is completed.