Honey From the Hive….

The Network Taranaki

Our first Honey From the Hive event this year was a evening not to be missed a talk with Kelly Coe and a look into her May fasion releases.

The event team was focused on ensuring that not only did we get to see some amazing newly released fashion but that we got to hear from Kelly herself and gain insight into her highly successful fashion brands, and work life balance as a young mom. I was personally inspired by her frank feedback that making a new business work means being hands-on in every aspect, doing the work yourself until you grow, but that ultimately it comes down to doing what you love. Hearing about what she does to ensure she takes care of herself, (I saw a few heads nodding when she described how she does her best thinking during a run,) and how she and her husband love the business so much that it doesn’t take much to get them talking about it during rare date nights.

The night reiterated the great connections that happen at Network events. On a cold, blustery autumn evening, the TSB Showplace was a hub of members and guests talking before the show and being treated to business advice and inspiration while having a bit of fun watching the models (members and non-members) strut their fashion walk and showcase the bright fashions.

Thank you to all involved, to our generous sponsors – and to Kelly. I am sure everyone in attendance came away with a bit of a buzz.

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