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Featured Bee – Rosie Glasgow – Rosie Glasgow Home Loans Limited

This month we feature Rosie Glasgow, Owner and Manager of Rosie Glasgow Home Loans Ltd..  When you meet Rosie, you are immediately struck by her kindness, sense of humor, warmth and intelligence.  She is not only a successful business woman who is passionate about her business and clients, but also a hard working behind-the-scenes promoter of The Network and has a lovely family.

When we talk about networking and meeting new people, Rosie is one of those who is a gem in our group. Networking in the Network is not all business cards, name tags and business opportunities but rather meeting good people, having a great time, engaging in quality conversations and having a whole lot of fun.  Rosie epitomises all of that!

If you haven’t met Rosie yet, make sure you introduce yourself at an event – we are lucky to have her as a part of The Network!


Rosie Glasgow Home Loans Limited

Why I joined:

Being brand new to self-employment and initially very much a ‘one woman band’ my journey as a business owner started off a fairly isolated one. Although I had good support around me at home, my family and friends didn’t understand the challenges I was facing. Although there were some really rewarding moments it’s safe to say the first part of my journey was a bit of a roller coaster!

After attending a few other ‘networking’ environments a friend invited me to my first Network lunch. I sat in awe of everyone in the room, as they talked about their businesses and successes. I made connections right away and engaged in very honest conversations about juggling business & family. I quickly felt I wasn’t alone and had found the ‘business partners’ and support I needed. My confidence grew and continues to grow being part of such an inspiring group of woman. Not only has it helped me in my business but I have made some great friends too!

Best piece of Business Advice:

Be true to yourself and don’t compromise your values. For instance when I need to make a big decision in my business I try to ask myself this question “is this decision inline with why I started my business? and will the outcome compromise this?” 

Also ask for help! Generally I have found other successful business owners are always more than happy to help others to be successful and sometimes it really helps to have an outsiders perspective.

How do you stay balanced between work & home life/ how do you stay motivated

It helps when you are passionate and love what you do. I am also lucky to be in an industry that is forever changing…so motivation is normally pretty easy to come by! 

However to be honest I still find the work/home life balance a bit of a struggle, and so far haven’t met anyone who has this nailed either!

Some of the things I have put in place that help me are marking out non negotiable ‘busy time’ in my diary, for instance 3pm to 5pm is after school time and I don’t answer any calls unless urgent. I also make sure than we have at least 2 nights a week where we can eat dinner as a family and I don’t have work appointments. I pick and choose social and networking events and generally try to plan each week in advance. Sometimes this lands you with serious FOMO but that seems to be the trade off of being a business owner!!

What do I do

I am Taranaki-based mortgage advisor, passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals & home ownership dreams. As a registered financial advisor I work with a wide range of lenders and negotiate competitive rates on your behalf. I also offer ongoing support when purchasing a home or at any stage with regard to your mortgage.