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Featured Bee – Louise Campbell – Churchwood Bridal & Taranaki Weddings

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This month – we feature Louise Campbell, a truly dynamic, passionate, hard-working Taranaki professional.  When you talk with Louise about her businesses and love for her career, you can’t help but be inspired and impressed with her love for what she does, and she truly does it all with great creativity and focus…and always a huge smile.

Another thing you’ll hear when you talk with Louise, is her fabulous Scottish lilt. As a fellow immigrant with a wee accent of my own, I just love seeing other women fall in love with this amazing part of the world and use their talents to contribute to the local business community.

If you don’t know Louise already, find her at one of our events and enjoy getting to know her…if you do, enjoy learning more about her.  And for those of you getting married, you couldn’t be in better hands!  (No pressure to my partner =)

  1. Tell us why you joined the network

I’ve been a member of the network for a long time – since WAY before it became a formal network and was just a very small group of business women meeting for a monthly lunch. Quite honestly – back then – I joined to get out of my office (which back then was set up in the corner of my spare room) once in a while and eat a half-decent lunch with like-minded people. When, what was then, the NPBPWN became “The Network”- I was one of the first in line begging them to take my money and make me a member because by then I’d learned the value of being involved in a network that offer support, encouragement, compassion, consideration and fun! For me – that’s why I joined, and it’s why I’ve stuck around. I believe in what the Network strives to achieve. I’ve gained so much by being a member  – I’m literally a walking, talking example of what you can gain from being a member. I believe in the concept and I have so much confidence in its future and I’m proud to be a part of it.

  1. Your best piece of business advice

It’s REALLY simple. “Take your time and do it right”. I actually apply this motto to every aspect of my life. I’m a planner by trade – it’s what I’ve spent my whole adult life doing in some shape or form – whether it’s planning production, planning space or planning events – I’m a Planner and it’s what I do best. When it comes to business – you can’t underestimate the importance of having a good plan – and plans take time. Take the time – make a plan and then execute it. And as for the “do it right” part – I cannot emphasize enough how important this is to me. I don’t believe it cutting corners or taking shortcuts – they don’t help you in the long run. You might finish first – but you won’t finish strong. I don’t believe in cheating and I don’t believe in breaking rules (at least not intentionally). I think in business, and in fact – in all aspects of life – you can go far with a good plan and good intentions.

  1. How do you stay balanced between work & home life/ how do you stay motivated

This is the simultaneously tricky and easy part for me – I’m not ENTIRELY sure I can say that I’ve achieved that balance yet but I do try. It’s because I finally love what I do for a living. It’s not often you get to do what you love and make a living from it and in that respect it can be hard for me to switch off from “work mode” and relax. While I have “business hours”- I’m not the kind of person who can go home and leave a task half finished, and because I love what I do – and because I’m passionate about it – when things don’t go right or to plan – I take it to heart and I spend a lot of time thinking about it, making new plans to improve upon it. But the good part is, that because I love what I do, because I have passion for it – and because I’m so invested – it’s easy to find the motivation to keep going. Even when I’ve felt totally defeated – the knowledge that I’m lucky to get to do what I love everyday (and knowing that alternative “jobs” would be nowhere near as satisfying) keeps me going. It helps that my husband is my business partner and a large majority of my friends work in the same industry – so they share my passion and they understand what I do. We share ideas, we support each other in our plans and we get to work together frequently. I’m almost never  “off duty”- but it honestly doesn’t bother me because I have so much passion for my pursuit.

Taranaki Weddings is an online Wedding Directory and so much more. We’re a network specialising in supporting and promoting the use of local business and services. We host networking and public events promoting the local industry and the local Industry Awards.   www.taranakiweddings.comlouise@taranakiweddings.com – 06 7587839 – 0210 252 8073

Churchwood Bridal is a Bridal and Formalwear specialist offering a wide range of Designer Bridal, Bridesmaid and Formal Gowns and Accessories to suit every Brides style, budget and size. www.churchwoodbridal.co.nz – admin@churchwoodbridal – 06 7575503.

We’d love to feature you in a future Featured Bee blog…email me to get involved, (rachel@hoskinghouse.com)