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Featured Bee – Kylie Cronin – Staples Rodway – Pine Hills Christmas Trees – Sweet Tooth


Our membership never ceases to amaze me.  We have so many members who use their skills, talents and educations to wear many hats.  Whether through different business ventures, balancing motherhood or volunteering for our community – we are an amazing group.

This blog is about Kylie Cronin.  Her drive, hard work and passion will inspire you!

  1.  Tells us why you joined The Network:

I was invited by my friend and colleague who had attended a couple of lunches. After one initially scary experience at a lunch, I was hooked. I loved the opportunity to share a bit about myself in a professional light without having to talk for ages. And the friendliness of everyone made it easy to fit in. That one experience completely changed my view of that dirty word “networking”.

2.  Your best piece of business advice:

Kylie Cronin, Human Being: “Nobody really cares what you say, they care about how you made them feel. So take an interest in the people you are talking to, it may just work in your favour and if you get nothing else out of it, you made someone feel special today.” From Kylie Cronin, Accountant “Make a budget… every year. And review it every month with what you actually spent. Even if you can’t stick to a budget it will help to highlight areas you’re spending much more than you thought you did, so you can research better ways to allocate funds for your expenses”.

3.  How do you stay balanced and motivated?

Celebrate success! There’s nothing like winning, even when they’re small wins. Celebrate every single success you have, and that will drive your thirst for more.

My businesses:
By day (and sometimes night) I am a manager at Staples Rodway. We’re a large team of accountants but also specialise in IT services, Human Resources, Bookkeeping, Marketing, Audit and much more. I have wanted to be an accountant from a young age to follow in my father’s footsteps. I love the variety of work and the opportunity to help clients improve their businesses and reach their goals. I’m heavily involved in our Charities/Not-For-Profit reporting team which gives me a shot of warm fuzzies knowing we help so many of these organisations that are so important to our precious community.
By night and weekends I own Pine Hills Christmas Trees with my husband, and I own Sweet Tooth Cakes and Cupcakes. The Christmas Tree business is very new and has proved to be a wonderful learning curve (note to self: follow own earlier budgeting advice). Both businesses are hard work and time-consuming, but they are two things I’m very passionate about so it’s all worth it.
To find out more about the variety of things I do:
Staples Rodway
– 06 757 3155
Pine Hills Christmas Trees:
Sweet Tooth: