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Featured Bee – Helen Griffiths – Rumpus Room

H Griffiths

This blog we hear from Helen Griffiths…owner of Rumpus Room!  We are sure that her professionalism, warmth and honesty will inspire you.

Tell us why you joined the Network:

I’ve always appreciated having strong, successful and influential women in my life. The Network is one place to find those women right here in Taranaki. I’ll admit when first involved in The Network, I felt a little overwhelmed and somewhat intimidated and wondered if I really belonged in such esteemed company – Was I a good enough businesswoman? My business was young and surely everyone else knew much more than me? However, the ladies in The Network were so welcoming and supportive, keen to listen to and encourage my ideas, willing to collaborate to achieve success together.

It’s been wonderful to see how the range of events has increased to meet the interests and needs of members. It’s not just a group who ‘ladies who lunch’. We are all busy professionals and knowing that The Network has my back, gives me confidence.

Your best business advice:  

Since establishing Rumpus Room in 2013, it’s very difficult to pinpoint one single piece of business advice.  It’s such a multifaceted venture.

One key learning point would be that ‘you can’t please all of the people, all of the time despite your best efforts and intentions.’  As long as you can focus on the positive aspects of your business and what you bring to the community, then it’s important to keep any negativity in check and try not to take it personally – and believe me, I know that can be hard when you are SO invested personally and financially in your business.

How do you stay balanced between work and home life & how do you stay motivated?

I’m fortunate that every member of the family was ‘on board’ when it came to making the decision to open Rumpus Room. They understood the huge effort it takes and the sacrifices you make to establish and build a business. Being a 7 day a week business, in the early days I worked ridiculous hours and Rumpus Room consumed me physically and emotionally. 3 years in, I now have an awesome staff whom I trust to run business-as-usual. That leaves me in a position where I can have regular days away from the premises – that doesn’t mean I switch off entirely. My brain is always on when it comes to think about ways to work towards profitability and sustainability.

How do I stay motivated? Making a difference is important to me – when I see the impact Rumpus Room makes either by supporting a cause, contributing to the community or helping make one person’s day a bit easier or happier, then I know I’m doing something right.

Rumpus Room is Taranaki’s Premier Indoor and Party Venue providing over 1000m2 of clean, comfortable and safe space for families and friends to enjoy. Located on the fringe of the CBD, Rumpus Room is convenient and central to New Plymouth with free parking. No time limits – just GOOD. CLEAN. FUN. for everyone! With so many more activities than other indoor play venues, it’s easy to understand why Rumpus Room was voted a Taranaki Must Do 2015/2016. Highly Commended for Service Industry and Brand Design Marketing & Technology in the TSB Business Excellence awards 2015, Rumpus Room is an award-winning local business not just for rainy days or special occasions. Making time to rumpus regularly has been found to improve kids’ physical fitness and coordination, to develop their social skills and confidence and to reduce adult stress levels!
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