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Taranaki Quality Auditing Ltd – TQA Industry Compliance Specialists – TEMPER

Taranaki Quality Auditing Ltd – TQA Industry Compliance Specialists – TEMPER
You are being watched - Lucky we are here to help
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems now incorporate Environmental Management, Health & Safety and Risk as does the Health and Safety in the Workplace Act 2015. TQA Industry Compliance Professionals assist you to become compliant. Rehabilitation/Behavioural Counselling for personal or work issues The plans we help you develop give you all the current legal requirements in one place, easy to understand and use. Our plans help you gain contracts.  You also provide your services and products through a system of Quality Management which reduces Risk and increases your Service and product viability. We can provide all the advice you could ever want on Compliance, save you money and hassle. Taranaki Quality Auditing Ltd Lead Auditor Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015 TQA Industry Compliance Specialists Health and Safety - Quality and Risk - Environmental Care - HSWA 2015 TEMPER Rehabilitation Counselling - Behavioural Counselling - A happy positive service to bring greater harmony to you and your employees. Get compliant and stay that way! Health and Safety legislation now has components of Environmental compliance, Quality and Risk compliance. TQA - Taranaki Quality Auditing offers one on one training and services. All your quality systems in one place, one provider! We will develop your custom-built Integrated Management System, which will include: ACC and Worksafe requirements for your industry Health and Safety Regulations for your enterprise Environmental Controls you need Quality and Risk Components to ensure a consistent product or service Rehabilitation Counselling if any thing goes wrong Integrated Management Systems Quality Management Systems  Having assisted you to complete your system, we will audit it to Quality Management standards and provide site checks, yearly audits and support as an ongoing service. Preventing action by WorkSafe NZ is the smart way to go.  "One person a day dies through a worksite accident, 14 die from ingesting chemicals and substances through their lungs and skin and other workplace health issues".  Gordon MacDonald – Chief Executive Worksafe.   These are all preventable. Ring now, by contacting us you will have made the first step and will be seen as making the effort to get compliant. Qualifications - S E Faloon BA; Post Graduate Dip Rehab Generalist; Post Graduate Dip Rehab Specialist; Lead Auditor Quality Management Systems; Health and Safety expert; Rehabilitation Counsellor

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Wonderful if you do but if it is not completed monthly it is not valid.

You must conduct Health and Safety meetings and take notes.  Your staff must be at these meetings and able to bring up anything that worries them on your worksite.

You need a plan even if you are a sole trader.

This plan, when set up properly, indicates to Worksafe that you take your safety and the safety of all those around you seriously.  

In the near future there will be a Star Rating System introduced by Worksafe and ACC .  Those who can adhere to the requirements of this system and prove it will get rated and become a PREFERRED PROVIDER.

I am passionate about Health and Safety, Quality and Risk Management and Environmental care.

  • I am affiliated with the NZ Organisation for Quality which has merged with the NZ Business Excellence Foundation.
  • NZ Institute of Management.
  • NZ Trade and Enterprise Trainer.
  • Quality Management System Lead Auditor.
  • NZ Association Counsellors member and practice in Conflict Resolution.
  • 5 Years at Massey University studying Psychology and Social Sciences.

In 2002 after putting Health and Safety into the 3 prisons in Wellington I was driving out of Rimutaka Prison just as a 5 ton digger fell off a bank. It fell about 5 meters and squashed me in my car. I have since lived with PTSD, a nasty scar on my neck and a metal disc in my neck just because the owner of the machine had not maintained it.

We are all responsible for the safety of everyone around us and ourselves, the new HSWA law allows prosecution of ANYONE not adhering to it. That means you.

Call me to get yourself safe and in line with the law 0272446507   06 7535288

S E Faloon BA: Post Grad Dip Rehab: MNZAC: MNZOQ: ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Lead Auditor: NZTE Trainer: MNZIM
Over 40 professional publications including the Needs Assessment and Service Coordination model used by the Ministry of Health in all NZ regions.



and get your STARS

Network members get 10% off my fee,

Range of Services

  • Health & Safety
  • Quality & Risk
  • Environment Management
  • Customised plans to your requirements
  • Rehabilitation/Behavioural Counselling

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