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Sled Dog Life Lessons

Sled Dog Life Lessons
Learn from the team about leadership, teamwork and life
Sled Dog Life Lessons is a series of workshops looking at principles of leadership and teamwork, and personal life lessons, for businesses and professional organisations. "Leadership Lessons - The Inspirational Business Leader" describes how leading a team of sled dogs can make us a better leader of people. "Teamwork Lessons - The Winning Team" discusses how a winning team of sled dogs can help our teams perform better. "Life Lessons - Take Control of Your Own Life and Career" shows us how sled dogs can teach us valuable lessons for our own lives and careers. Latest science tells us our brains become more active and "alive" when telling or hearing stories. Sled Dog Life Lessons are story-based presentations that illustrate fundamental principles from a unique perspective that will entertain, inform, inspire and motivate you and your team.

Profile Description


Each summer I head north to Interior Alaska where I get to live with, and help care for, 60 sled dogs at one of the most successful professional sled dog racing kennels in Alaska.

Along with living the dream, I also research the leadership and teamwork principles that contribute to the success of the team.

When I’m home in New Zealand I combine my professional experience with my learnings about sled dogs to bring you a unique take on leadership, teamwork and life.

Moira has worked in team leadership, management and advisory positions for a government department in Wellington, Lower Hutt and New Plymouth for 11 years. Prior to that she worked in industrial chemistry and process engineering positions mainly in the petrochemical industry in Taranaki.

Spicy is an Alaskan Husky from Two Rivers, Alaska. She has competed in the 1000 mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race six times along with a multitude of other mid-distance races in Alaska. She now lives with Moira in Inglewood, enjoys running around Karo Park next door, and sleeps on the couch.

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  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Life Lessons
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