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Are you looking for a qualified massage therapist and clinical aromatherapist who…. cares about you and your treatments, …. who is professional and offers a reputable, confidential and friendly environment, …. who believes in nature and natural products, and is passionate about what she does? Then we’re a match!

Profile Description

Quiescent-melanieMelanie Harrison is trained in clinical aromatherapy and holistic massage, and runs her own business, Quiescent.

After completing three years of intensive study at Aromaflex Academy, Melanie holds ITEC internationally recognised and NZQA diplomas in clinical aromatherapy and holistic massage. She offers treatments that bring a sense of calm and balance to the body – both physically and emotionally and her new online store stocks a full range of beautiful aromatherapy products as well as a range of essential oils, plant-based beauty products, bath salts, organic botanical teas, oil burners and homemade soy candles. Melanie also creates bespoke pure plant oil treatments that can be used at home to help certain conditions.

Melanie is devoted to raising the profile and awareness of clinical aromatherapy and massage as valuable time-honoured methods of therapy which can be used to enhance and complement other methods of treatments. Spreading knowledge about the benefits of aromatherapy is important to Melanie and she is excited to offer online courses in the future.

For more information visit www.quiescent.co.nz