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Eagars Funeral Services

Eagars Funeral Services
Thank you for visiting our listing, at Eagars Funeral Services we take care of all that families need to help them start their grieving journey.
Eagars' Funeral Services is a proud family business

Profile Description

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 It’s not every day that you need to deal with a Funeral Director. It’s unlikely that that Funeral Director will be a woman.  It’s even less likely that that woman will be the owner of the company!  In an industry dominated by men Casey is very proud of what she has achieved.  She started her career in 1993 after a stint riding racehorses in Japan.  She was very much in my fathers shadow as ‘the Funeral Directors little girl’.  Since 2004 she has survived the death of her parents, the birth of two beautiful children, renovations, rebranding and relaunches to get to where she is today.  The untimely death of her father in December 2004 put her in the position of managing the business.  When her mother died less than two years later she had to decide whether she wanted to buy the family business or let it go.  She decided to take the challenge and buy the business.

Since taking over the business in March 2007, she have changed immensley. She has grown and been recognised locally by the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce winning consective years in the small business category and nationally winning the Her business women of the year in 2010.  She has been an elected board member of FDANZ, spoken at the Year 13 graduation dinner at our New Plymouth Girls High School, spoken to the Women in Leadership Group, is involved in the Roadsafe Taranaki Driving Education provided to year 10 students, and the Department of Correction workshops for repeat drunk drivers on periodic detention.

She has implemented multiple initatives within the business – all with the aim of ensuring that client families have a positive funeral experience. She is in the business of helping families begin the rest of their lives without a loved one and very much understands the importance of getting things right as you only get one chance to do it right.

She believe’s that success in business is all about understanding the consumer and delivering the right product to the market with honesty, integrity, passion and commitment.

Over sixty years ago, her grandfather, like so many cabinetmakers around New Zealand, was asked to make a coffin. This grew into the business of funeral service.  Her father became a funeral director and she has followed in their footsteps to become 3rd generation funeral director.

She was perfectly happy just working for her father but life doesn’t always work the way we would like it to. She has been challenged with many obstacles that should have prevented her from succeeding but has prevailed.  This is more than a business to Casey – it is a legacy.



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Address Details:
New Zealand, Taranaki
Phone: 067592200
Fax: 067592100
Opening Hours:
office hours Monday to Friday 8.30 - 5.00pm (outside these hours is by appointment)

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