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5 Steps to a Fabulous Christmas Home with Michael Mansvelt

“Abundance” was the word du jour at the 5 Steps to a Fabulous Christmas Home with Michael Mansvelt evening on 3rd December.

Plantation Design House in association with The Network delivered a fun and fabulous evening at Plantation’s headquarters, 45 Queen St, New Plymouth. Christmas canapes from Arborio and delicious bubbly set the scene as ladies mingled amongst the “florabunda” in the design store, giving an opportunity to preview some of the exquisite product available to purchase – perfect for Christmas goodies.

With a humorous and engaging delivery, Michael spoke of the importance of bringing the outside indoors to create an atmosphere of “richness”, warmth and welcoming for guests this Christmas. Using flowering plants such as Orchids and Peace Lily’s as a simple and effective alternative to cut flowers that will keep flowering the year round.

Michael enlightened the guests of his past experience working in a magnificent Abbey in England and divulged the secret to the BEST turkey you can cook for Christmas dinner, a recipe he garnered from chefs whilst living there. The ladies were treated to a sample of this turkey that Mike has basting for two days prior in this “secret brine”, truly delicious!

Welcoming and generous is how Michael explained the home should feel at Christmas time and a well-stocked drinks tray sitting on a sideboard offered openly to guest is a must.  His top hosting tip was first offer your guests a drink upon arrival and ensure they feel welcome to make themselves another if they wished.

Thank you to Michael and Nikki for a gorgeous evening – the ladies will certainly know how to create memories for their friends and family this Christmas.

Proceeds for the evening went to We HEART Taranaki – fundraising campaign for a new angiography suite at Taranaki Base Hospital.